Here’s what our amazing students and graduates from all over the world have to say about our programs…


Angels Teach is a warm and loving environment to connect and learn with at a gentle pace, the support given is wonderful.  I would not have been able to connect with such wonderful people without Angels Teach and the teaching staff.  The magic of connecting with a worldwide community is amazing. Megan from the UK

AngelsTeach creates the most compassionate, loving, encouraging and joyful environment for anyone who is interested in learning how to communicate with the angels and how to live connected to the divine. They provide you the road map and give you the wings to chart your own course. If you’ve been thinking becoming a part of the AngelsTeach community to connect to the angels and deepen your relationship with the divine; stop thinking – Just sign up. Your spirit will thank you for it! Nukhet from Fargo, ND

This has been a magnificent opportunity for me, I am very thankful for your support in making it easier for me to register. I have felt warmth emanating from each one of you at all times, I felt I was in touch with old friends, as well as your readiness to answer and explain things to us. The classes have been very organized, always on time, very clear and easy to understand (since my first language is Spanish, I could understand everything. I liked the combination of the opening blessings, the explanation of what each chakra is about, the obstacles, the slides, I especially loved the direct connection with the Angels throughout the classes, for me it has been ‘Complete’ and wonderful. I will listen again to all classes I know many times. I really want to get to the point where I can be in touch with my Angels on a regular every day basis so this has been important for me to know how to clear my chakras for a better connection. Thank you, bless you for sharing so much. Teresa from Bolivia

Very professional in that it was all outlined each time and you kept to your word about time and expectations and truly listened to the comments and questions of your audience. I felt heard. Kyle

Rev Elvia and Deborah really were a great team and their differences, individuality were a great compliment to each other and helped to broaden opportunities for students to make personal connections to what they were saying. I have a better understanding what each chakra corresponds to and can address issues in my life through pinpointed efforts (through EFT, setting intentions, asking for angelic assistance). Kendra

This class [Healing Into Abundance] has changed my life. You definitely get what you put into it. My abundance has grown not only financially (which is great), but more importantly spiritually. I have such a better outlook on life and my attitude is noticeably more positive. It’s nice to get comments on how positive you are. I would much rather have that, then peoples sympathy because I am stuck in a rut. I highly recommend this class. You will gain great abundance in all areas of your life, and that is priceless! Jamie from Baltimore

Healing into Abundance helped me to shift some very deep limiting beliefs that I was still holding onto. Rev Nina and Deborah provided a very gentle and loving surround that opened the space for a deeper connection with my angels and understanding and trust that all is perfect in its imperfection. Cynthia from South Australia

Cannot wait for follow up to this course [Healing Into Abundance]. I have learned to live in the present. Of course I have my insecurities and when it happens  I keep telling myself TRUST IN ANGELS and it usually work. Chandra from Ontario Canada

I couldn’t believe how in-depth this class was!  The class [Healing Into Abundance] was more than I ever expected it to be.  I appreciated being able to ask questions and make comments anonymously — and also hearing what other classmates had to say.  I have already applied what I learned from the class and plan to review the lessons again (and again!) so I can continue to make progress. Betty

“Since the first class the awareness of how Angels can contact us was increased and with each class the confidence has grown constantly, for the end of the program I can feel a real connection with my Angels, and it was done in a great joyful way so that I’m just looking forward the next level… Thank you so much to all Angels Teaching Staff.” Susana from Milan Italy

“I have to say that the courses that AngelsTeach offer are just awesome as it gives you a chance to open up and let go to be empowered and to trust not only that there is more out there but to help us to believe in ourselves also to learn to trust the messages from the angels and to understand those messages and to teach us how they can not only better our lives but become part of our lives so we can live a better life and along with being able to help others along the way. I would recommend AngelsTeach to everyone. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain in the process. Just a wonderful experience along with wonderful instructor who not only understand but are just wonderful in teaching them as well.” George from Boston Massachusetts

“Both Rachel and Michelle were wonderful… There were so many areas that we just barely scratched the surface on. There was a great wealth of knowledge in our class. I think it is wonderful the caliber of students that AngelsTeach attracts.” Kelly from North Carolina

“This class brought me closer to the Angels and to some other wonderful ladies who also were getting closer to the Angels. I look forward to continuing my training with AngelsTeach in the Masters and Life Coach classes.” Diana from Indiana

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class with Marianne and Cherie. I always felt they truly wanted us to have a stronger connection with the angels. Since Marianne was the lead teacher, I directed my questions (email) to her, and she was always prompt with her answers — and was always very supportive. Marianne was sincere and gained my trust — which is often difficult for others to do! I looked forward to every class.” Betty Jean from North Carolina

“I decided to take the ACS course because I had followed the daily emails for awhile and Nina’s message really resonated with me. I had no expectations. I could not believe how much I grew mentally and spiritually. The class was nurturing and supportive encouraging a daily routine to deepen our connection with ourself and Angels. When ACS ended, I found myself continuing the practices I had developed. I soon realized I wanted to continue the growth and deepen my spiritual awakening so decided to take the ACM class. Once again, my growth has been amazing. The women in both of my classes have been amazing. Wow, finally other people on my same path. I love the path I am on. Thank you AngelsTeach.” Chris from Michigan

Angels Teach is a Great platform to learn and grow with like-minded individuals!:) I always look forward to working and connecting with my Angel friends through courses and events. And, I have to say.. the ACM class was soo much fun!:) We went into more detail and in-depth about Communicating with the Angels and taking ones Angel Business to the next level—Highly Recommend!:) Kristin from New Mexico after taking the Masters Class

I am unable to express in words the feelings that I have gotten from taking Angel Teach classes. There is so much support, love, guidance, understanding without judgement. I have grown so much in this last year, and I have Rev Nina and (all her staff, teachers, and students). The connection that was created between all of us was fabulous. I can personally say that I hold such a deep love for each and everyone of them. I feel that I have come home and that I have found my place to be ME. The deeper connection that I made with the angels is just amazing. I am forever grateful for being guided to Rev Nina and Angel Teach, I am truly blesses . If you have been guided to her website, then that is where you need to start from. Seraphim angel hugs & kisses to all, Nancy Sue Meyer from Washington

“Protection with The Angels was one of the best classes I ever took for my own personal spiritual growth. I learned so much out of this class. I have always had very weak boundaries and I pick up other peoples energies even if I do not want to. I have been told I am an empath and sometimes for me it is so hard to go out in the world and not get effected by the energies of others. I learned in this class how to shield myself and protect myself through daily meditation and different exercises. I loved everything about this class. And I would advise anyone who is sensitive to take this class. Nina and Barb were great and there was so much love on the phone. Thanks!” Lauren, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Here’s what I have to say about the ABCs of Abundance 43-Day eCourse.This class gave me a whole new way of looking at life. I learned to use the ‘tapping’ technique whenever I began to feel any kind of negative emotion, whether it be sadness, fear, anger, etc… I truly believe this technique could  someday replace the drugs that people are given too freely by their physicians to ‘camouflage’ the pain instead of dealing with the root cause. You have to experience a tapping session yourself to understand the release and empowerment that follows. I learned about  the ‘Law of Attraction’ and how re-directing my thoughts to what I DO want instead of what I DON’T want enables the universe to brings these great things to me!!!! I now choose to live a happy and prosperous life. This is my ‘thought’ for all of you. May you be attracted to it!”

Judy, Wrentham MA

Working with Rev. Nina has changed my life. She’s not afraid to “go deep” and get to the root of an issue. Nina embodies unconditional love, integrity and honesty. This is very evident in everything she does. The ongoing support she provides for her students is fantastic. Taking her training was the best investment I’ve ever made. Joseph, Alberta Canada

I have now completed the following classes: Angel Communication & Master Class, Angelic Life Coaches, Mentorship classes. I definitely recommend any one who wants to learn about the Angels and grow as an individual, and who wants to expand there knowledge to take these classes. Rev. Nina and the teachers are absolutely wonderful teachers , who teaches others in a loving and safe environment. Angelsteach is Simply the best!! Michelle, UK

I love the AngelsTeach staff and the community. I have made many good friends from the various classes I have taken. It’s a joy to be in class with so many old friends! Donna Cantone

I liked the “feel” of the class. It was comfortable and nurturing… I also have been very comfortable talking about and sharing what I learned and the whole experience with others. It was a huge stepping stone for me. It tied up a lot of ‘loose ends’. It affirmed my belief system and has made me very comfortable with it… I am here to support and promote women, to deliver hope. Yes, these classes will help me do that. Christine, Michigan

“Rachel and Michelle were encouraging and warm as our teachers… I loved how the simple daily practices like picking a card and journaling reinforced all we were learning and also how doing the readings for homework with people who I didn’t know helped to strengthen my confidence when I could tune into messages which were very personal to them. Also liked learning about all the clairs and thinking about which ways I’m receiving information…I’m continuing to use the cards in my daily life and a little bit with family and friends. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Angelic Life Coaching program.”…Marion from Massachusetts

If you are like me, you have always believed that people are born with intuitive abilities but have never personally experienced it. After taking Rev. Nina’s Angels Communication class, I have learned how to “connect” with the Angels! They are really there and they are waiting for us to talk with them, you simply need to learn how to do it. This class will teach you. It is an amazing thing to experience and I am so grateful to now have the Angels in my life. Barbara Rodgers, Philadelphia , PA

“For every soul, lightworker or else this Angel Communication Specialist Training is an eye-opener! Even if you think you are ‘there’, your Angels are delighted to get in touch with you more. I experienced emotional healing; aren’t we all looking for that! Absolutely recommended!” Janine, The Netherlands

“I loved the ACS program!:) It was a wonderful experience! The class helped me to grow professionally and gave me the confidence I needed to work towards my goals for my spiritual work. I’m happy to have been a part of Angels Teach. I highly recommend this course for others looking to pursue Angel work or even if you just want to learn how to work with the Angels for your personal life.” Kristin, New Mexico

“AngelsTeach brought me into a closer relationship with my angels. It showed me ways to heighten my clair senses and connect to my angelic friends. I truly am the instrument and my angels are the musicians. The music we make together is beautiful, caring and life changing. The ACS class changed me positively as a person and touched me in a spiritual way. I highly recommend Nina and the AngelsTeach staff to anyone looking for a chance to deepen their connection with the angels! Smiles and Angel Hugs.” Jillian (Thanks Nina, Cherie & Dawn!)

AngelsTeach represents first class intuitive training for anyone who longs to give their wings to their divine intention. Beyond the skilsets you learn to develop, you are treated to the blessings of angelic company through Rev. Nina and her circle of dedicated, gifted teachers. Working with this opportunity has opened up another door within my spiritual vocation. Avail yourself of this great blessing and change your world!”

“The ACS class provided a wonderful experience for working with and honing specific communication skills that certainly will help to open up and expand your intuitive awareness and ability to live in harmony with the angels. The interaction with the teachers and the opportunity to do readings with other students really validate that you’re on the right path while providing many opportunities for advancement with this work.”

Jessica, San Diego, CA

I loved my experience with AngelsTeach. I believe my Angels and Guides brought me here. My intuitive senses have grown wider, stronger and deeper. I truly know the connection with AngelsTeach was a large part of my growth, as well as my spiritual clarity.

The friends, coaches, and teachers are fabulous. I felt welcomed and comforted from the very start. My new angelic friends who I have connected with through class are wonderful. I have yearned for a higher connection and need the confidence and support to get me there. Again AngelsTeach helped me use my skills to the next level. We are all on a journey of love to share and give healing hope to others.

Thank you Nina, this is the beginning of my deeper growth, angelic connections, and strengthening of my intuitive gifts.

Blessings, Tina H., Massachusetts

“This [Angel Communication Masters] class has helped me to expand my knowledge, my skills and abilities. It has allowed me to grow in a safe environment with the ability to ask questions; to explore communications with the angels with like-minded individuals. Rev. Nina makes your transition from just knowing that you “think” or “feel” when angels communicate to understanding “how” the angels communicate with you. This class will make your ordinary day extra ordinary as you become witness to the angels’ communication. You’ll love this class! I did!”

Cherie, Providence RI

“Nina and AngelsTeach are truly a God send to me. I was searching for a positive mentor who was supportive and encouraging but not pushy. I felt an immediate connection to her and the AngelsTeach students and teachers I have met. I have found my spiritual family. The intention is always to help us bring more light and love to the world.”

Carolyn, Ashland MA

“Nina and all of AngelsTeach are very loving, understanding and supportive. I have grown so much as a person, in ways I never thought possible. Nina has a special way about her and you really learn to grow as a women. She taught me how to love and be myself and for that there are no words of gratitude that I can convey. I can only say I love her deeply as well as AngelsTeach. They have become my other family and I found a place to belong in love. The angels are wonderful and magical and if you ask them to be by your side, they are there to help you every step of the way. They are a part of me and my life now and I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!” Love, Lorraine Sklenar Janos, New Jersey, Angel Communication Specialist and Angel Communication Master

I found the AngelsTeach Angel Communication Specialist Training curriculum to deliver all that it promised. I firmly believe we all have the ability to communicate with the angels and having participated in this class reassures me that we can. The folks at AngelsTeach are very supportive, caring, and very professional. If you want to experience communicating with the angels, the folks at AngelsTeach are the folks to work with.”

Nick, NH

“Prior to taking the Angel Communication Specialist class, I thought I had a deep connection with my angels. During the first few minutes of the first class, I realized that although I “knew” the importance of my relationship with the angels, I didn’t realize all the ways in which I could connect even further. This deeper connection I developed, by absorbing wisdom and energy from both teachers and students alike at AngelsTeach, has taught me that I can expand my relationship with the angels, to empower not only myself but to extend that empowerment to those around me. What a great feeling!” Donna, North Attleboro, MA

I loved the [ABCs of Abundance] course. I have recommended it to friends and it has given me re-assurance through a transitional phase in my own life! Lorna, Scotland

“With the Abundance eCourse I saw results within a week! Truly a great course for becoming more conscious and productive in life!” Brook, Grass Valley, California

“It wasn’t till after Protection with the Angels that I realized how much of my personal energy I was losing from absorbing other people’s negative thoughts or energy. The subtleties of this is so important to recognize! Especially as someone who is mainly clairsentient I did not clearly see the fine line between compassion for others and absorbing then living out their emotions. What freedom this new understanding has!
Rachel, New Haven, CT, USA

“When I was doing the class [Protection with the Angels] I kept the Archangel Michael near me to be sure to receive his help. One time I couldn’t find the card and I was ‘freaking’ out. Well a couple of minutes later I heard I’m right here, don’t worry, I’m always with you! As I heard these words a warmth and peaceful feeling came over my whole body! I looked down and there was the card under some papers on my desk. I felt as though I could cry and I knew I was safe and loved and heard! Also, when I did the letter to myself everything he told me I needed to help me was absolutely true. Thank-you so much!”
Kelly, Lincoln, RI, USA

“Thank you, Nina for everything… sharing your insights and wisdom, you nurturing and positive spirit , and the wonderful divine light you bring to those you touch. This class has been a wonderful experience for me, in so many ways. I am so grateful that my spirit lead me to AngelsTeach , and to experience this Angel Reading course. It allowed me to tap into that part of myself that has been dormant for so long… in a positive way , and especially… with a sense of protection from any negativity. I know my biggest obstacle has been protecting myself from the negativity I deal with daily…. and I truly feel empowered now. I am also enjoying this Protection With the Angels class… as it is invaluable to me! Much love, and Infinite blessings.” Kim C., Massachusetts

“Dear earth-Angel Nina, My goodness, I have learned so much from you these past two months! I will miss you, Dawn and the other “class-Angels” an awful lot, but know we will re-connect in another class, and in-person next Spring at the reunion. Thank you so much for many kind words, thoughts and guidance – I can’t begin to tell you how much they have meant to me.

“This may sound strange, but through this class, the most unexpected thing happened: I think I actually got my sense of humor back! People used to tell me all the time that I was “such a funny person”… so where did I go? Of course that doesn’t matter much, what matters most is that it’s a part of me that I absolutely need if I’m going to attempt to help anybody else (that, I learned from Human Design!). And now, I’m finally beginning to believe that I’m ready to live my passion.

“So Nina… muchas gracias and about a zillion thank-yous. Wishing you every blessing and many, many joys, and I will see you next year!” Debbie, Indiana, June 2009

“This course really helped me by providing wonderful tools to utilize to be more connected with what is important to me and loved ones around me. It provided a very solid groundwork on how to help others in their journeys by gently guiding them towards the joy already in their lives as well as to provide direction towards harmonizing what obstacles might be going on at the present time. The tools and lessons learned can be used for a life-time for yourself, friends, family or even clients. This world would be much better place if everyone was able to take this course!” Kristen, Massachusetts

“First off I have to say it was one of the most intriguing experiences I’ve every had. This class had opened me up to so much beauty that I’ve dreamt of experiencing but never understood. It has helped me to not only connect more to my spirituality but to understand why I experience the “strange” things that I do from day to day. I’ve also learned to love and embrace my God given talents and that there are others like me. I’ve learned that I do have power and I can embrace it without fear. It’s great that you offer these classes as teleclasses to help accommodate people’s busy life styles. Also, it gives people the opportunity to learn to love others from a distance. I never understood the concept that I am connected to others until I took this class and bonded with the other wonderful ladies. As we performed readings for each other, I could actually my feel connection to them.”

“I also think your payment plan is great as it enables everyone to enhance in spiritual growth. Also, the teachers make you feel empowered, respected and safe. I’d certainly recommend your classes to anyone as I think it’s a great opportunity to better oneself.
Thank you so much Nina for such a great opportunity.” Shelly, Burlington Massachusetts

“I think the AngelTeach classes are a wonderful way to learn. The teachers make you feel comfortable, safe and welcome. I like the fact that the classes are recorded so I can go back and listen again.” Sharon, Maine

“The Angel reading certification class did much more then I ever imagined. It helped me heal in places my conscious mind kept pushing down under the rug. The class increased my confidence ten fold and made me comfortable sharing my love and angels with others. I truly believe everyone would benefit from the class. I thank the angels for leading me to this course. It has changed my life.”
Kristonya, Indiana

“Before learning about AngelsTeach.com I knew that I communicated to the Angels, yet didn’t trust the fact that I was really getting my information directly from them. My confidence was very low and I didn’t feel worthy to have a gift so pure and magnificant. Once I started to read the website, I knew that I had to take the Angel Reading Certificate Program [now Angel Communication Specialist training]. Well, I did. This class allowed me to grow in confidence, understanding and knowledge of how to clearly communicate with the Angels and to reach out to others who also want the chance. As I was in the ARCP [now ACS], I started my own Angel Reading and Reiki business. As the Angels are leading me down my true path, I know that I am surrounded by their love and unending guidance to a more fulfilled life.” Cherie, Cumberland, RI

“This class is all they say it is. The teachers are exceptional. They support and encourage you at each step. It takes a lot of patience to teach new people how to use the abilities they have. Confidence was the biggest thing in my group we all lacked. By the end of the class with the help of the teachers we all had gained the confidence we needed to go out and share our abilities with the world. Thank you Kim and Marianne for all your support, understanding and encouragement. I would recommend this class to all of you who are ready to explore your next step and grow. It is the best gift you could ever give to yourself. Angel Blessings to all of You.” Lori, Sugar Land, TX

“I’m so grateful for this life-changing experience. Working with AngelsTeach has opened new doors not only for myself but in my ability to help others on their life path. My life purpose has been made abundantly clear because of this class. THANK YOU!!!”  Amy, Las Vegas, NV

“What keeps playing in my head is the song – From Sir With Love. That’s what you guys are about. Our group was just filled with love and how we grew with the love of the angels. We began as timid women wanting to know more about doing readings and not sure that we could or even if this was where we belonged. All it took was our Thursday nights with you three angels to make us all know in our hearts and souls that we were on the right road with our spirits. Thank you.” Love Sonia, New Jersey

“My intuitive senses and connection to the angels have grown so much since taking this class! I have so much respect for the teachers and I know that they truly are spirits sent here to help spread the word about the guidance of the angels. They were clear–always kind–and spoke from the heart with love and patience.” Marlene, Chicago, IL

“My Dearest Nina, Let me begin by thanking you for changing my life in a profound way. When I first met you I was a lost and grief stricken woman searching for my way in life. A special force led me into your store and the rest has changed my life forever. I bought my first angel cards from Peter, holding them close to my heart to choose the right deck, not knowing how my life would unfold from that one deck of angel cards, and now knowing that miracles do happen. You invited me to your house where I met a group of women who thought like I did, whose mission in life was love and kindness, I had never experienced that before. From there I joined the ARCP [now ACS] and all the answers I was looking for were revealed to me. Although I didn’t know how I was going to pay for the program, I knew it was something I needed to do. In the beginning I was shy and unsure of revealing what I knew, thinking that the group would find me too different in my thoughts and beliefs, yet, it was totally the opposite. All I found was love, kindness and support. Through card readings I found the answers I was searching for. However, the greatest gift that I received from the ARCP [now ACS] was incredible friendships and friends who brought messages I so needed, and we had fun too! I had so much in common with many of the members, and our lives had many similarities; we were sisters, not in blood but in soul. I know that to be true, it is a feeling.
I am no longer the shy, unsure women I was; I feel strength in my purpose. Most of all, I want to thank you Nina, for your constant love and support. I am ever grateful for all you bring to the world and for helping me grow in a way I never thought I would. You are the Earth Angel.” Love, blessings and gratitude, Sandy, Franklin

“Thank you for your loving teaching.
Thank you for opening my world to the angels.
Thank you for showing me how to hear, see and feel the angels.
Thank you for your inspiration and guidance.
Thank you for my new found friends and a wonderful community.”
Julie, Isle of Wight UK

“I am so happy that I made the choice to join Angels Teach and enroll in their Life Coaching program! It happened at a time that I needed guidance and was very unsure what to do with my life. Along came the Angels Teach website, I took a couple of their classes, and when I received their email about the Life Coaching Program I jumped at the chance to join. It took the first class of the first module to know that it was the best decision I ever made. I have grown in more ways than ever before, I am more confident in my abilities, I am able to see where I have healing work to do within and take the appropriate action. If you are looking for a course, program or teachers who will help you on your journey then Angels Teach is best decision you will ever make in your life!” Angela, Toronto, Canada

“I enjoyed the class very much. I was not sure if I would be able to fit the class into my schedule. Despite needing to pick up my three children from school in the midst of the calls, I was able to participate, to learn and I could listen to the recordings later if I missed anything. I am so glad I decided to take the class. I liked the group very much & have a deep appreciation for each of the other readers in our class. I thought the class was well organized & helped me to clarify how I best tap into my intuition. I connect more easily and more regularly with my angels since I started taking the class. It certainly became the hi-light of my week. It was worth putting into my schedule and now I am a Certified Angel Reader. A most sincere thank you. ~ Noelle, Business Consultant, Amherst, MA

“This class has been the most beautiful experience I have ever had. It has turned my life around.I look forward to many years of love and peace with the angels and hope others choose to do the same. It is a wonderful journey. I recommend this class to everyone who is thinking about taking this class.” Love and Light, Adeline, Somerdale, NJ

“I would highly recommend this [Angel Communication Specialist] teleclass to anyone who would like to connect with their Angels. The class was so rewarding to me and it helped me tremendously with my own self confidence and trust issues. I will forever be grateful for the experience that I had with AngelsTeach and the instructors. Just being on the phone you can feel the love that comes through. I am forever changed since I have taken this class for the better.” Lauren, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“It was great being in the class. Thank you so much for your patience with me and for allowing me to take it again. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to say that the longer, more in depth class is a million times better. Duh! : ) Hehe. It felt like by week 5, things really starting flowing and feeling much more natural and easy to do. And there is something magical, I think, about the teleclass format…Sandy and I discussed it a little bit….about how you get to really experience each other without the “shells” (seeing the body, age, etc.) which creates all sorts of categories and preconceived ideas about people. I loved it!!”  Julie from Tennesee (Note: Julie is a loyal student and angel friend who took the class in-person in its very early incarnation several years ago and then took it again via teleclass)

“The class was very supportive, laid back and relaxed. No intimidation, Nina and Kim made the class so down to earth informational and welcoming. I am a beginner and this class was just what I needed to give me the courage, confidence and the spiritual knowledge/guidance to follow through on my spiritual path! Looking forward in signing up for more classes with you Nina!” Charlene, Reston, VA.

“I really enjoyed the fluid style of class: lecture, discussion, sharing, exercises. Warm and encouraging teachers (Nina and Kim), as well as the one-to-one interaction (via homework). It was great to be able to READ the info, HEAR the info and then to PRACTICE the material both during class and for homework. Lots of opportunities for re-inforcement. It was also really nice to get to know people so that you recognize them when you return to class!” Tony, Berwyn, PA.

“Nina’s classes are heartwarming! Every week it is like coming home to old friends. Her guidance and loving support are a true gift. This has been a fabulous experience. I am blessed to have a wonderful connection with the Angels as well as a fresh outlook on my life. Thank you!”  Pippy, Canadensis PA

“I am not that good in giving testimonials, but through all frustration and not knowing what to do I did finally understand what love is all about and how to give and receive. Readings are better and better more I do them. The whole experience was great. Love & light, Maria” Maria, Burnaby British Columbia Canada

“I felt very connected to the angels with Nina and Kim’s guidance. I definitely see things differently now and would encourage everyone to take this course if you feel you need to make a deeper connection to your higher self and to the angels.”

Judy, Ashland, MA. November 2008

“For the longest time, I’d been looking for a class to help develop my intuitive abilities and this class was it! I learned so much from participating in the class. I was able to develop my sensitivity and awareness of the angels’ messages. Not only did I learn a lot, but I experienced a deep level of peace and love in my life. I would highly recommend this class to anyone.” Nancy, Roanoke VA. November 2008

“I really loved Nina’s teaching style. She has a kind and gentile but assertive way in her teaching and keeps the class on track. Her voice is simply contagious; I felt drawn in each step of the way. You most definitely feel supported in her presence!” Michelle, Waterloo, Wisconsin

“This certification class has changed my life considerably. I am more in tune with my higher self, and more connected. I look at things in a positive way now. My spirituality has grown to the point where I feel like I have emerged a new person. Life is great.” Beverly, Massachusetts

“I really enjoyed the Angel Reading class! Nina was so helpful and supportive. I was somewhat in touch with my intuition prior to taking the class, but so much more so now. I loved Nina’s feedback on homework assignments, it really helped build my confidence. The whole experience was wonderful, I highly recommend learning with Angels Teach.” Debbie, New Jersey

“Informative, uplifting, and inspirational. Nina is a wonderful instructor, and I gained a wealth of information and inspiration from taking this course. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an online Angel Certification Class!” Ellen Elizabeth Miller, Maryland

“Taking the Angel Guidance Counseling course [now Angelic Life Coach® Training] was very helpful to me in my already existing practice of Angel Reading and Healings. Nina & the angels helped me to discover my own unique way of doing readings. Nina is & was very lovingly helpful through all my changes. Merging all my schooling was very beneficial for me. Nina also helped me accept myself for me and the specific abilities I have on my path, and now work with (mediumship). I am VERY happy I took her course and would do it again.” Sabrina, Pomfret CT

“My experience to the Angel class is: In the beginning I was very skeptical, but then I was lead to join Nina Roe’s class. Was this an experience. Nina is the most wonderful person, kind and loving. Nina cares about each person and will help you where ever the Angel asks her to guide her. Don’t be afraid to take this course. It makes you totally feel like a different person. It makes you feel that you belong and you are not just an outcast. If you always felt like an outcast then I highly recommend Nina Roe’s Class.” Michelle, Surrey U.K.

“Nina has the patience of a Saint. She conducts her classes with Love that just comes through the phone line. She has a way of making you feel so comfortable. The main things I have learned in this class are, patience, trust, and I am now more aware that my Angels are truly all around me. Because Nina has paired us up to do readings with other classmates, I have found new Angel Friends who are just like me. I have gained a lot of confidence by attending Nina’s class and would recommend this class to anyone wishing to work with their Angels.” Amy Pierce (special note from Amy: I don’t mind if you use my whole name. I would prefer it…I am very proud to be in this class!)

“I have always dabbled with reading for myself, but never had the confidence to actually work with others even though I always felt in my core that I should be. The Angel Reading Class helped to build my skills, confidence and to enhance my intuition. I really feel like it was the turning point for me in the transition from my day job to my life’s work. Thank you so much for your inspiration and guidance. You are a wonderful teacher and mentor.” Kim, Blackstone MA

“Since Day One of the Angel Certification class I have found that my eyes have been opened to the wonderful messages from the Divine. I am happier and more content in my daily living and find that I am feeling more confident in myself. Rev. Nina is an extraordinary and gifted teacher. She is thorough in her explanations, patient and supportive of her students and the love she feels toward each student as an individual is abundant. My journey is just beginning and I hope to have Nina’s guiding force and loving spirit accompany me toward my goals.” Marianne, Everett MA

“Since starting this class 6 weeks ago, my life has been greatly impacted. I feel so much closer to the Angels, God, and the whole spiritual realm. I cannot put into words the deep love I feel in my heart when I think about this class, and how it has changed my thinking forever. We are all blessed to have found such an inspirational teacher, mentor, motivator, wonderful human being, Nina Roe. I am forever grateful to the Angels for guiding me to you, and I am looking forward to taking this journey with Nina by my side. Thank you, this comes from the bottom of my heart!” Dawn, Sturbridge Massachusetts

“This class has been truly fantastic in every way. I thought the general concept of a teleclass would be difficult, particularly for angel reading, but it has been so amazing. The group of people with whom I share my thoughts, ideas, and am learning with, are fantastic. Nina is a really gifted teacher, and she encourages us to probe ourselves and each other while learning, which makes the experience remarkable! I have learned so much about myself, my connection to the Angels, and with the rest of the world. It is the highlight of my week, and I am so glad to have taken part in it!”

Udita, Huelva Spain

“From the very first class I was surprised and delighted to find that the Angels are around me and desiring to give me all the help and guidance I wish to ask for. Through using the Angel card deck I have been humbled over and over by receiving the answers I needed instantly after pulling a card. This class is teaching me how to open new doors within myself to learn how to experience the unseen world that is always right here with me pouring out love for me.”
Karen, Sacramento CA.

“I am 1/2 way thru the Angel Reading tele-class and I have to say I am feeling grateful in taking this every day. It has made me realize my talent is true and that I need to stand in my source of power every day. I have learned so much from this class and Nina. The times I doubt myself, I hear Nina’s voice in my head saying “Pull a card to see what the Angels are trying to tell you”. I pull a card for myself everyday and I see the themes that are emerging for me. I am finally realizing I can stand in my power and trust what my head and heart are telling me! This is my 3rd class with Nina and I love her for being so honest and caring. I plan to further and finish my education with her and complete the program I am in. “

Debi, Norwood MA

“I’ve always wanted to connect to the highest and best source of information, source of love, represented in this class and perspective by the archangels. Rev. Nina provides lots of information and her loving and gentle support helps me to do just that.”
Barb, Ontario Canada

“The Angel Reading class has opened a new life for me, over and beyond my expectations. ‘Would you be comfortable recommending this class to a friend?’ Yes, very much so!!”

Mary, Providence, RI

“The Angel Reading class was a great intro to angel reading! It met my need to get exposure and practice. ‘Would you be comfortable recommending this class to a friend?’ Yes!!”
Julie, Uxbridge, MA

“Nina is ‘the real deal’ a teacher of extraordinary compassion, insight, and knowledge. Her class helped me realize ways in which my own inner scripts about myself were harming me and enabled me to find new ones that support the person I am now, and the person I want to become.”

Suzanne, Norfolk, MA

“Nina’s class made my spiritual abilities dance with joy to a higher level. She is gifted and compassionate and has a wonderful kind nature of teaching. Her classes are a success for everyone that wants to hear and share the Angels messages.”  

Mary Lee, Hopkinton, MA

“Rev. Nina is an instrument of Spirit who has reconnected me to the Angels. I’m learning to trust my intuition and to let go of the notion that I need to control everything. Her angel readings are amazingly accurate and have served as very trustworthy guides. She’s given me a sense of freedom, well being, and inner peace. Through her angel teaching classes, I’ve learned to listen to divine guidance and let my life play out as it should. It’s a lot of fun too!!!!”

Judy, Wrentham MA

“Your reading last year changed my life. I will be eternally grateful. Thank you.”

Angela, Los Angeles, CA.

“A Masterful Teacher reflects a combination of eloquence and wisdom with the ability to articulate their thoughts into words. To be able to help people to understand their strengths and weaknesses in a gentle, loving manner. To teach one acceptance and forgiveness, hence, allowing one a sense of peace and harmony. A true master of teaching has the ability to create a positive environment amongst their peers which in turn sets forth the catalyst for great and wonderful things to be born. I have been blessed in so many ways since I have met Nina Roe. To have been taught and certified in Angel Readings by one who I consider to be a Master Teacher of great wisdom is a gift that I will always be grateful for.”

Debra Jean, Woonsocket, RI

“Dear Nina,  Ever since I had my first (and only) reading with you, my life has been changed and whether I am doing it right or wrong I communicate with the angels most all day and certainly every day.  I know exactly when they are there – they seem to come to me in colors right away but I can not tell you of the zillions of other experiences I have had. I would study under you anywhere!!!”

Maureen, Tucson, AZ

“Nina Roe’s teaching style moves smoothly, as she is always focused on the present moment. Her classes are always profoundly relevant to the situation and people involved, and I have personally experienced great changes in my energies and life experiences due to the effect of taking her classes. She teaches from Spirit, is fully guided by her heart, and uses the power of mind to transcend ordinary experience into something more magical. she is truly an Angel on earth, a teacher of Divine Manifestation. In my experience, taking her classes has been a big part of coming home.”
Joyce from Northboro, MA

“One of the BEST workshops I have ever attended. This is definitely Life changing!”
“Upon registering for Nina’s class I was expecting; guidance and training connecting with the Angels allowing me to practice Angel Card Readings. What I received was on a much deeper level than ever expected. The bond each person attending the class experienced was beyond words. As a group we brought together different personalities, strengths and abilities all coming from a place of love and each one of us opened our heart to receive the healing messages from our Angels. Under the guidance and direction of Nina who was given the vision to share this wonderful ability with all who desire to learn and continue to spread the Angels messages.”
Wanda, Bridgewater, MA

“I first met Nina Roe in September of 2006 to have an Angel Card Reading. This was my first experience with the Angels. She instantly made me feel comfortable and welcome in her home. Even if the words she spoke were to be hard for my ears to hear, she spoke them with so much love and sincerity, you couldn’t help but feel safe and you knew the Angels were with you. Nina has a way of taking her words and teachings and reaching out to each individual in our class in a way that makes sense for each of us. To help us as individuals pursue our best life as a group. She has opened her doors and has built a community of people that are unconditional to one another and to the world. After all, we have had a phenomenal person to stand behind and to support us. We are learning from her example and living our lives better with each day because of her. She truly is an Angel!!”

Sue, Blackstone, RI

“Nina’s classes are spirit lifting. Nina has a way of bringing the best out of her students and making them realize their true potential. Nina is the real deal. She is genuine, and this comes through in her peaceful demeanor and relaxed teaching style. Nina is spiritually gifted and is able to share her gifts in such a compassionate, thoughtful manner that she is truly inspiring. Her classes have brought me to a new level of awareness which I am able to take with me and integrate in my everyday life.”
Patti S. from Franklin, MA

“Nina has drawn out of me what has been lying dormant for many years.  From when we first met, she saw the “me” that I’d been pushing away for so long. With loving support and guidance, she has helped me to be the person I’ve always known that I am. She is genuinely connected to the angels, and she has a natural ability to teach others to strengthen their connection to them. Her classes are thorough, informative and very inspiring! Regardless of what stage of “spiritual development” you are in, Nina is an incredible mentor.”

Love, Katie from Worcester, MA