This has been a magnificent opportunity for me, I am very thankful for your support in making it easier for me to register. I have felt warmth emanating from each one of you at all times, I felt I was in touch with old friends, as well as your readiness to answer and explain things to us. The classes have been very organized, always on time, very clear and easy to understand (since my first language is Spanish, I could understand everything. I liked the combination of the opening blessings, the explanation of what each chakra is about, the obstacles, the slides, I especially loved the direct connection with the Angels throughout the classes, for me it has been ‘Complete’ and wonderful. I will listen again to all classes I know many times. I really want to get to the point where I can be in touch with my Angels on a regular every day basis so this has been important for me to know how to clear my chakras for a better connection. Thank you, bless you for sharing so much. Teresa from Bolivia

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