Rev. Elvia Roe

Head of Curriculum & Master Teacher

Teaching is my calling. When I reflect back on my days in the corporate world and even back further to when I was a young woman, I’ve always naturally gravitated towards helping others discover their natural talents and truths through divine guidance. While I didn’t label it as “divine guidance” pre-enlightenment, my intentions always came from a place of pure love which I now understand is angelic. I’ve always loved being witness to the amazing journey that transpires when a friend, a family member and now my students and clients experience when they allow what really makes them happy and ultimately fall in love with themselves again…reclaiming that birthright. It never grows old!

When my angels first guided me to teach angel card reading through the internet, my reply was “I don’t think so…how is that possible?” and I plugged my ears for many months. What I’ve learned over time is that my angels always get their way and eventually my husband Peter helped me see how it could not only be technically possible, but a huge success. Angel reading classes I had been teaching in person gave way to AngelsTeach which now has students from all over the world and all walks of life.

I’ve often reflected on the name given to me: AngelsTeach. Yes, it means that we teach angel communication, but I’ve come to realize that it’s also about surrendering to the moment-to-moment teachings of our angels recognizing that they are there 24/7 to teach us, to show us how to be better people, how to be more loving, how to succeed in relationships, career and overall enjoyment of life. As a channel for the angels, my intention is to pass on the teachings I receive and guide you to reconnecting with your angels as your teachers. With AngelsTeach University, this intention is taken up a notch not just for me, but also for this lovely group of faculty that I’m honored to also call friends.

If you have found this website and are feeling drawn to learn, it’s likely a sign from your angels that you’re meant to explore. It may be with the free eBook & video, an eCourse, one of our Continuing Ed offerings or our certification training. You’ll know. Just ask your angels to make your path clear and obvious…then trust that guidance of love.


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