2016… change of plans…

Due to Rev. Elvia’s increased need to attend to family concerns, we are not offering Angel Communication Basic Training™ this Spring. She does plan to offer a 7-day webcast intensive in the fall, so join our email list by entering your name and email to the right and we’ll be in touch with details as they’re firmed up. Thank you for your patience! All in divine time… xo

Whether you long to be an Angel Communication Master™, Angelic Life Coach® or just want to dip your toes into a new way of living life – in partnership and constant communication with your angels! – we’d love to work with YOU!

Here’s what one of our current graduate students has to say about our Angel Communication Basic Training™ class:

“One of the BEST things about the classes and the whole community is the openness to all kinds of influences–shamanic, fairies, nature, astrology, goddesses & gods–nothing is taboo and all perspectives are valid. I LOVE that I can learn more about things I’m interested in even if they are all over the map and not down one set path.

“Also, re the [angel] cards: I love the way we’re encouraged to ‘read’ pictures and things in our environment–you may have seen a couple pictures posted here with invitations to share your interpretation–that really invites you to stretch and flex your intuitive muscle! I actually took the basic class twice before moving on to the Master class and found that to be SO helpful as it highlighted the progress I’d made from the first round which gave me much more confidence in my reading ability and in allowing me to trust what I got even if my ego was telling me it didn’t fit or wasn’t kosher. Profoundly life changing!” Dawn from Minnesota

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Feel free to contact us for further information dean@angelsteach.com or go directly to read about the ACM class here: http://angelsteachuniversity.com/angel-communication-masters/