Meet Our Faculty

Rev. Elvia Roe

Head of Curriculum & Master Teacher

Teaching is my calling. When I reflect back on my days in the corporate world and even back further to when I was a young woman, I’ve always naturally gravitated towards helping others discover their natural talents and truths through divine guidance. While I didn’t label it as “divine guidance” pre-enlightenment, my intentions always came from a place of pure love which I now understand is angelic. I’ve always loved being witness to the amazing journey that transpires when a friend, a family member and now my students and clients experience when they allow what really makes them happy and ultimately fall in love with themselves again…reclaiming that birthright. It never grows old!

When my angels first guided me to teach angel card reading through the internet, my reply was “I don’t think so…how is that possible?” and I plugged my ears for many months. What I’ve learned over time is that my angels always get their way and eventually my husband Peter helped me see how it could not only be technically possible, but a huge success. Angel reading classes I had been teaching in person gave way to AngelsTeach which now has students from all over the world and all walks of life.

I’ve often reflected on the name given to me: AngelsTeach. Yes, it means that we teach angel communication, but I’ve come to realize that it’s also about surrendering to the moment-to-moment teachings of our angels recognizing that they are there 24/7 to teach us, to show us how to be better people, how to be more loving, how to succeed in relationships, career and overall enjoyment of life. As a channel for the angels, my intention is to pass on the teachings I receive and guide you to reconnecting with your angels as your teachers. With AngelsTeach University, this intention is taken up a notch not just for me, but also for this lovely group of faculty that I’m honored to also call friends.

If you have found this website and are feeling drawn to learn, it’s likely a sign from your angels that you’re meant to explore. It may be with the free eBook & video, an eCourse, one of our Continuing Ed offerings or our certification training. You’ll know. Just ask your angels to make your path clear and obvious…then trust that guidance of love.

Master Teachers

Carolyn McGee

I come from a long line of traditional teachers and even though I didn’t go into “education” it has always been part of who I am.  For as long as I can remember I have been a teacher of some type.  When I was in grade school I helped the kids that didn’t understand the work, I was a tutor in high school, I was a religious education teacher, I trained people at work and I was the person that listened and guided people to find answers to questions.   

I love to learn and to pass along wisdom that I have gained.  My favorite by far was opening young children’s minds to a power greater than themselves and accepting divine wisdom.

A few years ago, I was going through an intense growing period in my life and I was guided to AngelsTeach.  I immediately felt like I had come home to a place I had only dreamed of and never thought I would find.  At AngelsTeach I found wonderful, patient and kind teachers.  They opened my heart, mind, body and soul to the possibilities that had floated around me before unseen and unfelt. 

As I enjoyed my first Angel Communication class, I thought about how much I would love to be able to teach other’s about the joy of connecting to the angels.  As my own healing continued, I did what I always do…..I started to informally teach my friends and family about the angels and what I was learning.  I found it wasn’t enough.  I became an Angelic Life Coach and AngelsTeach Teacher so I could truly step into my roll of spiritual teacher.

Again, I found that my favorite part of teaching angel communication is with the ones just beginning their journey.  I love being in the energy of the AHA moment when a student realizes that they have the power to receive loving messages from the angels and that it has been there all along.  It is such a gift to me to now be guiding people seeking the light and loving messages from the divine.

Marianne Chandler

I am Marianne Chandler and am honored to be an AngelsTeach Master Teacher, Dean of Students and Customer Care Angel.
Growing up Catholic I always had a fondness for angels but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized the wonderful impact they have on my life!  I found AngelsTeach at a time when my daughter was having some health challenges and I needed something for myself as a stress-reliever/diversion/entertainment.  I did not know at the time but when I began that journey I was forever changing my life!  Through my work with the angels I have grown more confident, I know I can trust my intuition and live a much fuller life!  Through this journey, my life has been blessed with a new and wonderful “angel family” led and mentored by Rev. Nina!
I love teaching Angel Communication to new students!  My favorite moment is when the students have their “Ah Ha” moment and the lessons start to click.  I can almost see the light bulb over their heads turn on!  Most students start the class saying “I’m not really sure I can do this” and end by saying “I didn’t think I would be able to do this BUT I CAN!”  I have been so lucky to have taught many wonderful students many of whom are now either Certified Angel Communication Masters, Certified Angelic Life Coaches or are working toward their certifications!  Its like watching an infant take their first steps … at first they are shaky and can only take one or two steps before they fall down but with persistence and perseverance they soon are running and its hard to keep up!  So, too, our students start by taking those first baby steps and soon they are off and running!
As the Dean of Students, I have the distinct opportunity of working with all of our students.  In addition to teaching many, I also work with every student during the enrollment process, setting up their payment plans and class scheduling.   My goal is to offer you whatever guidance you need to make your experience with AngelsTeach an enriching and wonderful one!
I look forward to welcoming the next Angel Communication Specialist Program students to AngelsTeach University in early 2012!  Please be sure to let me know how I can assist you.  My email is

Dawn Simpson

When I was a little girl, I used to play “teacher” with my stuffed animals and dolls, I just loved it! Growing up I also felt the calling to becoming a nurse, but later realized not in the “traditional” sense, but with the mindset of helping people feel better.  Today, I feel that teaching is more than educating, it also brings forth healing. Now, I am also a reiki master/teacher and  work with color as healing therapy, and what is amazing, is they all have teaching in common.

Being a master teacher  with AngelsTeach has been such a blessing in my life, because not only am I able to share the knowledge and wisdom I  have gained, but I am able to be myself and share my passion about working with the angels and healing.  Teaching the ACS class here at AngelsTeach,  brings much joy as I witness newcomers during class, every week, opening to their inner selves and the angels, and being amazed WITH them at the  aha’s  which can also bring aha’s for me.

Being as passionate as I am about teaching here, allows our students to be part of a class that has the potential to change lives for their best and highest good.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Deborah Hodiak-Knox

WHY TEACH?  Because it’s in my nature! I genuinely feel as though I was called to teach during this lifetime… it is an integral part of my purpose.  The only true way to “teach” Angel Communication is by living it.  There’s just something about sharing your own experience, strength and hope with others that is both empowering and humbling at the same time. 

The more I awaken to my own truth and begin to live a life of integrity, embracing all that I truly am, the more I want to share it with others.  Being a part of the AngelsTeach community has enabled me to do just that.  It is a platform from which to launch into my calling. 

It’s also important to remember that teaching and learning are essentially one.  They are part of the same cycle.  Learning to love myself through the process has enabled me to realize that we are all on our own individual journey, and that it truly is about progress, rather than perfection.  The more I teach others, the more I learn about myself – it truly is a win-win! 

In terms of ‘Human Design Speak’, I have a very powerful motor to the throat… which basically means that I can talk forever!  What better way to utilize this beautiful energy that I was gifted with than in educating others.  If you’re willing to listen, I’m willing to teach 😉

Rachel Maskell

Rachel Maskell has been with AngelsTeach since 2008 (or is it 07?). Rachel started her journey with AT through the Angel Communication Specialist course and was so captured by the grounding and fundamental truths shared at AngelsTeach she continued her training as an Angelic Life Coach and Angel Communication Master. Having a community of like minded people that encouraged each other to be authentic and live their soul’s purpose kept Rachel hooked and inspired.  

Rachel now teaches for AT at the master level bringing her insight, personal experience, and manifestor energy into the classes and students she works with. Her drive is to connect people to their inner voice, to trust that voice and have the confidence to shout it from the rooftop! She believes that are uniqueness is what makes the world a beautiful place and when we allow our lights to shine we can help heal the world.


Adjunct Faculty

Rev. Peter Roe

My mother was a math teacher. My brother used to teach chemistry and math. My sister teaches 4th grade, my sister-in-law 1st grade and a nephew I grew up with is the head of the math department at a nearby high school. While my dad was a chemical engineer at a pharmaceutical company in Indiana, he was also a Scout Leader. With a love of teaching in my genes, eight years ago, I started a spiritually based summer program for sensitive, or psychic, children which was featured on ABCs 20/20.

When I discovered the paradigm known as Human Design over four years ago, I knew I had stumbled upon something profound for helping people understand who they are and ultimately how they can learn to love themselves in a deeper way. Putting together my natural abilities of teaching and my passion for spreading the word about Human Design brings me great joy. I love witnessing the “aha” moments people have when they discover a new perspective on an old character trait and shift into self-love.

If you’re curious to learn more about how you can be successful in this world through self-discovery using Human Design, I would be honored to teach you!