Training Programs

Angel Communication Basic Training™

This is where it all begins! Our hallmark 8-week telecast/webcast training is designed to get you connected with the guidance from your angels and trusting that guidance on a day to day basis. Learn from Rev. Elvia and our internationally renowned teachers who are dedicated to drawing out the best that lies within you using a curriculum that provides structure and proven content that has already helped hundreds to reconnect and trust their angels. Are you ready? We’d love to have you join us!

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Angel Communication Master™

Once bitten by the angel communication bug, many of our Angel Communication Specialist™ students want to continue with their training with this world-class certification program. This advanced level of training takes you deep introducing new topics and expanding upon what you’ve learned in the ACS class. Taught by Rev. Elvia, our goal with this class is to help you follow your guidance about every aspect of living and fully immerse you into life with the angels! (Note: ACS is a pre-requisite for this training)

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Angelic Life Ministry

Born out of Rev. Elvia’s desire to help her clients follow through with the angelic guidance she was providing them, our premier coaching program provides the tools to help you help clients. The focus of this training is learning how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques® (aka EFT® or “tapping”) and Human Design in combination with advanced angel communication skills. (Note: this program includes the ACS and ACM training. This is  the whole angelic enchilada!)

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