Dawn Simpson

When I was a little girl, I used to play “teacher” with my stuffed animals and dolls, I just loved it! Growing up I also felt the calling to becoming a nurse, but later realized not in the “traditional” sense, but with the mindset of helping people feel better.  Today, I feel that teaching is more than educating, it also brings forth healing. Now, I am also a reiki master/teacher and  work with color as healing therapy, and what is amazing, is they all have teaching in common.

Being a master teacher  with AngelsTeach has been such a blessing in my life, because not only am I able to share the knowledge and wisdom I  have gained, but I am able to be myself and share my passion about working with the angels and healing.  Teaching the ACS class here at AngelsTeach,  brings much joy as I witness newcomers during class, every week, opening to their inner selves and the angels, and being amazed WITH them at the  aha’s  which can also bring aha’s for me.

Being as passionate as I am about teaching here, allows our students to be part of a class that has the potential to change lives for their best and highest good.

I look forward to connecting with you.