Angelic Life Coach® Training 2016-2017

will only include 6 students this year.

Is one of them you?

Our ALC program is one of the most rewarding
career training programs you can imagine!

And no surprise, it’s therapeutic coaching with direction from the Angels!

Learn to do the work you love helping others using a profound and life-changing paradigm. Our unique method of life coaching combines angel communication, Emotional Freedom Techniques®, prayer, visualization, and Human Design.

Guide clients on a fast-track to a better life!


What does Angelic Life Coach® Training include?

 Our unique ALC training program runs 3 weeks/month for 60-75 minute teleclasses spanning 6 months. For those who choose to also take the Minister of the Sacred Rose Seminary Training, you can expect an additional 3 months of work time with at least 1-2 classes/month.
Training includes:
  • Anatomy of a Coaching Session  – learn the basics of:
    • goal setting with your client to get clear about the work you are partnering to accomplish
    • time management
    • best client-relation practices (we want your clients to love you as much as we do!)
    • assigning action steps to ensure your clients are making positive change in their daily lives
    •  handling challenging situations including opportunities for role playing (not common, but does come up sometimes and we want to be sure you’re prepared!
  • The Coaching Toolkit – the nitty gritty of coaching and includes:
    • Integrating angel communication
    • Emotional Freedom Techniques®
    • Human Design
    • Creative journaling
    • Prayer and energy work
    • Visualization
    • Channeling the angels
  • Angelic Life Coach® Certification – Once you have submitted your homework and been approved by our Certification Review Board, you will receive certification from AngelsTeach and be eligible for our Teacher Training path.
  • Minister of the Sacred Rose – If you choose to take this additional step, you will be asked to complete a Seminary Service Project under the supervision of Rev. Elvia. Once your seminary requirements are complete, you will be ordained under our sister organization: Divine Order of the Sacred Rose.
  • Private sessions with Peter Roe*** – You will have two 50-minute Human Design coaching sessions focused on whatever area of your life feels most in need of attention/change. Timing for these is once our training is underway so your knowledge of the topic has an opportunity to deepen
  • Private sessions with Rev. Elvia*** – You will have three 50-minute coaching sessions to support you along your journey and also so that you can experience first hand our unique life-coaching process at work.

***Timing for these is when our training is underway so your knowledge of the topics has an opportunity to deepen.


“On a personal level, becoming an Angelic Life Coach® has helped me become more confident in myself and better able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. Working with my clients to help them discover and release the blockages that prevent them from finding their true peace and harmony has had a powerful impact that goes beyond just the client. Just as the world benefits when we pay forward kindnesses, the world benefits when a client releases a blockage and becomes a healthier, happier, more confident member of society.”


Rev. Marianne Chandler
Angelic Life Coach®, Customer Care Angel and certified AngelsTeach Teacher


“I hope my words do justice to what you have provided to me, since it has been life changing. Over the past year, I have learned how to trust, believe, have faith and confidence! Discovering that it is not only ok to be myself but embracing who I am has changed everything. My relationship with my husband and children has grown in closeness and understanding. As well, completing the Angelic Life Coach® training program has provided me with the insight to know with confidence the path that is ahead. Do I know how all the details of how? No, but what I do know is that I can trust it will happen and feel safe in this. Without having your support and the support of the AngelsTeach community, I truly believe I would not be where I am today. Thank you Nina, for everything.”

Margaret Rivera
Angelic Life Coach


“I cannot think of a better time to be enrolled in Elvia Nina Roe’s Angelic Life Coach® program. Each week my heart is touched by the depth of love our angels have for us. As a result of this class, my abilities to sense the angels’ presence are growing at a rapid pace! It is amazing how friends are being drawn to me and in return I am able to share a portion of this peacefulness in the midst of our crazy world. It is a life changing course!!”

From my heart, Nancy from Virginia


“The idea of working in some capacity with angels happened before I had met Elvia Nina. I even had a website about angels with a chatroom. I met Elvia Nina the same week I put up the site. At the time I had no job, no money and just a wish a to work with angels and offer angel card readings.” Talking to Elvia Nina changed my life. I enrolled in the Angel Communication class and within four weeks I found a job and I was able to pay for the class. The class was a wonderful experience.” I enrolled in the Angelic Life Coach® program and I learned that there is more to just an angel card reading. I learned how people can truly heal their life issues that are important to them. Elvia Nina has such a good way helping the coach to find her niche and to find the tools to help in your Angelic Life Coach® program.

“I have loved learning from Elvia Nina and hearing her wisdom each week. It is truly amazing that when I made the commitment to work with the angels how situations and people have walked with me in my journey. God truly does provide and the angels help you to attain whatever it is you would like to do.

“Let Elvia Nina help you with your goals and see how the power of the angels do truly guide on your path.. I am glad I have made this decision. Angel blessings!”

Peg, Peabody, MA


“When I started taking AngelsTeach classes from Elvia Nina back in January, I had no idea I would gain as much knowledge about my spirituality as I have. I have learned an enormous amount about myself and others in my life. Elvia Nina has awakened me to so much understanding and has given me so much support in my efforts to learn all I can learn. I am not the same person I was when I started the classes, I am a better person. All of Elvia Nina’s Angel Classes are so inspiring and rewarding and I give my total thanks of appreciation to her for opening AngelsTeach.”

Amy Pierce, NH



You’re probably wondering…
when does this start?

We will begin our journey in October, 2016 on Thursday evenings 8pm eastern.

Who’s teaching?

Rev. Elvia and Human Design guru Peter Roe

You’re also probably wondering…
how much does this extensive training cost?

Your investment in this life coaching program that lays a foundation for your happiness, your future and your long term career options is $2597 for the ALC program only and $3300 if you decide to take ALC and become an Ordained Minister of the Sacred Rose.

And yes, we offer payment plan options of 18 payments of $140 with a $200 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot for ALC and 24 payments of $140 with a $200 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot for both ALC and Minister of the Sacred Rose Seminary.

And then, of course…
how do you sign up?

Email with your course choice (ALC Only OR ALC + Seminary Training) and payment preference (full or payment plan). Space will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Please ask! You know where to find us 😉


Only the opportunity to create a life with the angels that
fills you “right up to busting” with love,
understanding and a chance to help others in a profound way!


If your soul is begging for …


…a chance to start over

…deeper connection with the angels

…a career that helps people change their lives for the better

…an income that comes from doing what you love

…lifelong connection with like-minded people

…teachers that support you 150%

…a training program that lasts beyond just the training itself

…a career option where you just can’t lose

… a chance to begin a new life




With love,

black shirt standing