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We are not offering Basic Training this Spring as Rev. Elvia is attending to critical family matters.

Stay tuned and we look forward to helping you connect with your angels to inspire, delight and change your life!

Our internationally acclaimed teachers will walk you
through our Angel Communication Basic Training™.
You will learn how to recognize – and trust – messages from your Angels!
And did you know that once you’re enrolled, you’re enrolled for life?! We want to be absolutely certain that you learn everything you need to get close to your angels! If you don’t get all the concepts the first time around, join us again at no cost!

And yes, we DO offer a generous payment plan.
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What is included in
Angel Communication Basic Training™?

  • Who are the angels? – at AngelsTeach, we define the angels as divine aspects of the higher self. We explore this topic in class and cover definitions and examples of the archangels, spirit guides and guardian angels.
  • What is angel communication? – angel messages always come from a place of unconditional love. We discuss how this happens and how you can recognize the difference between a message that comes from the ego versus the angels.
  • Angelic Intuition– this is the mechanism you use to communicate with your angels. We put a lot of emphasis on expanding your angelic intuition because this is how you build your faith and deepen your relationship with the angels. With lecture and exercises both in and outside of the classroom, you will learn and practice the basics of:
    • clairvoyance – the seeing sense
    • clairaudience – the hearing sense
    • clairsentience – the feeling sense
    • claircognizance – the knowing sense
  • Angel card reading protocols– angel cards are a focal point of our training, because they serve as wonderful “training wheels” for exercising and exploring the Angelic Intuition. We will cover the protocol for:
    • setting the intention for the reading
    • acceptable topics for readings
    • selecting the cards
    • interpreting the cards
    • conducting basic readings for other people
    • communicating with the angels from a place of deep gratitude, because you get back what you put out!
  • Angel card spreads – card spreads are different ways that you can use the angel cards to get more extensive messages from your angels. In class, we will define, practice and explore using 4 different card spreads including 3-card, sacred cross, rainbow and wheel of the year spreads
  • ***Pendulum dowsing – new this year!*** – the simple, yet profound technique of dowsing is an easy way to experience answers from the angels. Great for newbies, as well as experienced earth angels! 
  • Recognizing angel messages in daily life – card readings are wonderful, but the full magic only occurs when you learn to recognize the message that come while you’re driving, cooking, shopping, working or jogging. Lecture and homework exercises will emphasize how to realize this potential.
  • Learning to TRUST! angel messages – trust is certainly one of the greatest challenges for most people with angel communication. After spending a lifetime listening to the call of the ego, it can be difficult to surrender and follow the guidance from your angels. Through in-class practice, discussion and homework, you will learn how to build your level of trust. This the area where many of our students have experienced major breakthroughs from our loving and supportive approach to teaching angel communication.
  • Angel Communication Master™ Requirements – If you feel called to become a certified reader, completion of this Basic Training is a pre-requisite for our Angel Communication Master comprehensive small group training.
  • ***Facebook Forum – new this year!*** – For the first time ever, we’ve created a closed Facebook group just for our Basic Training Students and Alums.

**Important note: tuition includes downloadable training manual and does not include two required card decks**

A Few of Our Testimonials


“AngelsTeach creates the most compassionate, loving, encouraging and joyful environment for anyone who is interested in learning how to communicate with the angels and how to live connected to the divine. They provide you the road map and give you the wings to chart your own course. If you’ve been thinking of becoming a part of the AngelsTeach community to connect to the angels and deepen your relationship with the divine; stop thinking – Just sign up. Your spirit will thank you for it! ”


Nukhet Hendricks, Angel Communication Master™ and Dolphin Communicator from Fargo, ND



“AngelsTeach is a beautiful Teaching Family . You always embrace us with your Love and Support which is both inspiring and a blessing, thank you so much!”

Lori M, Angelic Life Minister in training





“I loved the class sooooo much, but I will say that best of all were the teachers. They were so loving and made you feel so good and they would always say just what I needed to hear at the time. I learned so much and all kinds of wonderful things have been going on. I am so looking forward to the next course. I recommend The Angel Communicating Basic Training™ to anyone that is interested at all in getting to know how to know the angels. There is no way to lose.”

Love, Gale D., graduate and Angel Communication Master™ student, Georgia


“The Angel Communication Basic Training™ class was a wonderful experience and I looked forward to it each week. I loved learning that the angels communicate with us constantly and how to be aware of their signs and interpret their meanings. I gained valuable information on reading angel cards and how to rely on intuition instead of a guidebook. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to feel the angels’ love and learn how to better connect with them.”


Heather P., graduate & Angel Communication Master™ student, Rhode Island


“The Angels guided me to AngelsTeach classes because there were ‘not so basic’ changes just ahead for me. As a result I’m living an authentic, happy, positive life and say, Yea Angels, lead on!.”

Jo, Angel Communication Master™, California


“The Basic Training to this day remains my favourite AngelsTeach class — it was an amazingly romantic journey into my clair senses. It opened the doorway to a vastly expansive universe of love and goodness.”

Andras Bucsinszky, graduate and Angelic Life Coach
New York



“I was never able to attend the class live, but didn’t feel I missed out too much by it. I still submitted my questions/comments and when I listened to the recordings , I felt I WAS THERE when I’d get Rev. Elvia Nina’s thorough attention to my questions /comments. I have to express how meaningful that was. I am SO thankful for that!! I got great supportive feedback. I also felt joining the Bronze membership was a great way to help me get a sense of community through the class experience – I highly recommend doing that!”

Wendy, Cleveland, OH


“AngelsTeach is a marvelous community of like-minded people. Sharing a unique experience not found in books. Rev. Elvia Nina, Marianne, and Guests open a new scope for the imagination , allowing us to connect more deeply with the many facets of Angel Networking. I am grateful I chose to participate in the interactive Angel Communication Basic Training™ web-class, and Living with the Angels™ membership. I recommend Angels Teach University to intensify your Spiritual Journey. For me, this experience is enlightening as it opens the channels of our Chakras that promote Energy Healing and Angel Therapy . I am blessed my Angels guided me to this positive learning Internet link with so much to offer.”

Much Appreciated, Lynda


“This has been a magnificent opportunity for me, I am very thankful for your support in making it easier for me to register. I have felt warmth emanating from each one of you at all times, I felt I was in touch with old friends, as well as your readiness to answer and explain things to us. The classes have been very organized, always on time, very clear and easy to understand (since my first language is Spanish, I could understand everything. I liked the combination of the opening blessings, the explanation of what each chakra is about, the obstacles, the slides, I especially loved the direct connection with the Angels throughout the classes, for me it has been ‘Complete’ and wonderful. I will listen again to all classes I know many times. I really want to get to the point where I can be in touch with my Angels on a regular every day basis so this has been important for me to know how to clear my chakras for a better connection. Thank you, bless you for sharing so much.”

Teresa from Bolivia


“ACBT is the class that forever changed my life. I came to find it in one of my darkest times, and it gave me all the tools to turn my life around and claim all the good the world holds for me. Although this is angel communication, all views are open. It is truly what you need, and you are not forced to even believe it is the angels bringing you messages. I love the freedom and support we are given to truly live in our truth. I recommend this class to all who have came to this page. It is much more than a class, it will truly change your life for the better if you choose so. I have come to find my truth because of it, and now beam the light to other I so desperately sought when I found Angels Teach. You can do it too! It is truly one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. I trust you too will take part in this class and unlock the beauty the world offers you as well.”

In Blessed Light & Love, Jamie Streett, graduate and Angelic Life Minister in training



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What is the class format for training?

Our teleclass/webcast program is taught by Rev. Elvia in partnership with her trained teachers and meets for 8 classes

Classes meet by phone/webcast. All classes are recorded for your convenience.

You can attend either live or by recording – on your schedule. Questions are encouraged for your learning enrichment and can be asked live or submitted ahead of time via the webcast link.

Classes are held in a nurturing and personal environment and include:
  • welcoming with opening blessing
  • lecture
  • demonstration of techniques covered in the lecture
  • interactive practice time with the full group giving opportunity for students to learn from teachers and from each other and ask questions
  • Q&A
  • review of homework & next steps
  • closing words and blessing

Because practice is the key to your success, homework will be assigned. While not required, completion of the suggested homework is encouraged for your learning experience.


Need a payment plan?

Pay just $70/month for 3 months
Our payment plan option is a benefit for all our
Living with the Angels™ members with no added service fee!
Join for as little as $12/year. Not only will you gain access to this opportunity, you’ll receive daily inspiration from the angels and become part of a like-minded, angel loving community!
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Once you join the membership, send us an email to dean@angelsteach.com with “Payment Plan Please” in the subject line and we will send you the info to register.


FAQs (or Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What if the time doesn’t work for me and I can’t attend the live classes? All classes are recorded for your convenience. You will have the ability to submit written questions ahead of time. We will answer all questions during class for you to hear in the next recording.
  • Are class materials included in the tuition? In addition to participation in the live classes, a downloadable version of the student manual and access to all class recordings are included. The two card decks required for training are NOT included in the tuition.
  • Do you provide certification for students who want it? We don’t issue certification at this level BUT this is the first step on the path to certification if you choose to continue on your angel communication learning path with our Angel Communication Master™ certification training.
  • What if I don’t get it all the first time around? No worries! Once you are registered for our Angel Communication Basic Training™, you are registered for LIFE! You can take it again and again, any time we offer it!
  • I know this is crazy, but what if it just doesn’t work for me? I’m a little nervous about doing this. No worries, we understand! This is why all our training has a money back guarantee. In full disclosure, no one’s ever claimed it, but we want to be sure you are satisfied and completely delighted with your experience! Please see below for details.

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…unconditional love and support from an experienced teaching team

…angel communication training that focuses on angel card reading

…angel communication training that focuses on angel messages in daily life

…a chance to explore the possibility of a new career helping people

…lifelong connection with like-minded people

…the opportunity to expand your intuitive senses in a safe environment

…a training program that lasts beyond just the training itself

…a paradigm to trust the messages you receive from your angels

… a chance to begin a new life


The angels ARE here to answer your questions and lead you on your highest, destined path.

Not only do I KNOW it, I GUARANTEE it!


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