About AngelsTeach University…

Our Five Foundational Beliefs

#1 – Everyone has the ability to communicate with their angels. No exceptions…everyone!

#2 – Each person has their own learning style. At AngelsTeach University, we strive to offer learning through live classes, video, audio and email. We understand that while live attendance is ideal, sometimes that’s not possible and people need options for learning. We use technology that’s simple to use to reinforce our teachings and provide alternative approaches.

#3 – Learning angel communication is 5% remembering and 95% learning how to trust what you receive. Regardless of the course you choose at ATU, we strive to reinforce your ability to trust…to trust in love…to trust in yourself and your relationship with the angels.

#4 – Angel communication is a birthright and can begin consciously at any age. Yes, even octogenarians can learn how to have a conversation with their angels (Rev. Elvia’s mother did!)

#5 – We believe that your soul has a unique calling. Our pleasure is to help you discover what that is. Our belief is that when you connect and start working day-to-day, moment-to-moment, you will reveal that calling. You will know your purpose and trust your mission. We have witnessed hundreds who have gone before you and offer our experience to guide you along this journey.



Travel our training path as far as the angels guide you. Wherever you land, your training begins with our Angel Communication Basic Training™. This is where you will learn the mechanics of angel communication as well as get a taste for new dimensions of living, loving and learning.

The next step is the Angel Communication Master™ program. This is where you’ll integrate what you learned in Basic Training to a new level as the pedal hits the metal. Graduates are certified following rigorous training that includes one-on-one tutoring and homework support/review in classes no bigger than 12 students.

Whether you want to help your fellow earth angels with professional level readings or you just want to be a Master of your own universe, six months of this master level class with us makes it happen.

You will learn the heart and soul of angel communication transcending way beyond the mere mechanics. (Think foreign language education: you start out learning how to meticulously conjugate a verb and finish never giving it another thought!)

The most advanced training under the AngelsTeach umbrella is our Angelic Life Coach® certification program. High gear now as you learn profound tools and techniques that you can use to help your clients (and you!) blow through obstacles and life’s inevitable challenges.

We view this top tier training as serious stuff. It’s not an overnight excursion. We want you to graduate feeling strong and certain of your abilities to serve humanity. That’s why we take nine months to learn, integrate, heal, rejoice and learn some more. It is a cycle, after all… It’s also why we keep class size for our coaching to just 8 students. This gives us the ability to reach you on a profound and life enhancing level.


So, dip your toes in with our Angel Communication Basic Training™, get certified as an Angel Communication Master™, or go all the way with us at AngelsTeach and become a leader as a certified Angelic Life Coach®!

How far you go? It’s all up to you!

Just remember…it starts with the Basics! 😉

On behalf of the faculty and angel friends of AngelsTeach University, we welcome you and look forward to serving you with all your angel communication training needs!

With love,

Rev. Elvia